Genetic Professional Organizations


National Society of Genetic Counselors

  • NSGC Find a Counselor Tool A searchable directory of genetic counselors in the US and Canada. Includes a "Student Contact Welcome" filter.

American Board of Genetic Counseling

Accreditation Council for Genetic Counseling

American College of Medical Genetics

American Society of Human Genetics

Canadian Association of Genetic Counsellors

Michigan Association of Genetic Counselors, Inc.

Information for Applicants

Accreditation Council of Genetic Counseling’s List of Accredited Programs 

National Society of Genetic Counselors Master Genetic Counselor Video Series Three vignettes of genetic counseling sessions conducted by genetic counselors with simulated patients.

Association of Genetic Counseling Program Directors Admissions Information

Maps and Genes A very informative blog specifically directed to prospective and current genetic counseling students. 

Information about the Genetic Counseling Career

Article: Genetic Counseling Growing Area of Opportunity 

Article: Genetic Counselor Interview with Nancie Petrucelli, a WSU Genetic Counseling Program faculty member. 

Article: Genetic Counseling 2.0

Blog: Genetic Counseling, A Rapidly Growing STEM Career 

Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Outlook Handbook: Genetic Counselors 

About Genetic Counselors National Society of Genetic Counselors

Video: NSGC Workforce An informative video highlighting the genetic counseling profession through interviews with working genetic counselors. 

Video: What is a Genetic Counselor? National Society of Genetic Counselors

Video: What is Genetic Counseling? TED talk by Jaclyn Haven, TEDxHelena

Video: Genetic Counselors Share the Hardest Part of the Job

Patient Stories

Article: Peering Into My Genome 

Article: What Your Doctor Isn’t Telling You about 23andMe and Other Genetic Tests

Article and Newscast: Two Women, Two Results: The Agonizing Wait for Cancer Gene Tests 

National Society of Genetic Counselors Educational Webinars for Consumers

Genetic Testing and Pregnancy: A Genetic Counselor Guides you through your Testing Options 

Taking Heredity to Heart: The Role of Genetics in Cardiovascular Disease 

Cancer Genetics Webinar- Cancer and Family History 

Ancestry and Other Direct-to-Consumer Genetic Testing 

Genetic Counseling Information, Training and Practice Resources

Genetics Home Reference Information on genetic conditions written in patient-friendly language.

GeneReviews Information on genetic conditions written for the clinician.

NHGRI-Human Genome Project Information about the Human Genome Project.

MI Genetics Resource Center Information about genetics and genetic services in Michigan

Accreditation Council of Genetic Counseling Practice-Based Competencies Knowledge, skills and attitudes students must have upon completion of a genetic counseling program

National Society of Genetic Counselors’ Code of Ethics Document that clarifies and guides the conduct of genetic counselors so that the goals of the profession might be best served.



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