Leonard Lipovich, Ph.D.
Associate Professor with tenure
3228 Scott Hall
540 East Canfield
Detroit, MI 48201
Voice: 313-577-9683
FAX: 313-577-5218

Associate Professor (also with Neurology); Ph.D., University of Washington, 2003. Genomic complexity; primate comparative genomics; bioinformatics and functional genomics of long noncoding-RNA transcripts; computing the genomic basis of species phenotypic uniqueness.

Research Interests

A formidable conundrum of the post-genomic era is the abundance of eukaryotic transcripts which have limited interspecies conservation, do not encode proteins or small RNAs, and are devoid of known functional roles. My group integrates bioinformatics and experimentation to understand the evolutionary and functional genomics of these long non-protein-coding RNA (lncRNA) transcripts, with an emphasis on their roles in primate, and specifically human, phenotypic uniqueness. We have catalogued primate-specific and noncoding-RNA genes in the human genome. We designed and implemented custom expression microarrays for analysis of the human lncRNA transcriptome. Using these microarrays, we show that numerous primate-specific lncRNAs, as well as non-conserved lncRNAs participating in sense-antisense pairs with known protein-coding genes, are differentially expressed in the human brain, in a variety of systems including development, cocaine abuse, and epilepsy. We are performing RNAi of these lncRNAs in a human neuroblastoma cell line, and already documented cis-regulation of the adjacent known genes by the perturbed lncRNAs, highlighting the limitations of rodent models and the pressing need to use human systems to accurately study RNA-dependent human brain diseases. Our plans include reverse RNAomics by using human neuronally expressed long noncoding RNAs as baits to trap their interacting proteins. We have recently joined multiple international collaborations which focus on regulatory network inference from the primate-specific lncRNA transcriptome, as well as on proteogenomic data integration for empirical verification that lncRNAs are, indeed, not biologically translated in human cells.

Selected Publications

Johnsson P, Lipovich L, Grander D, Morris KV.  "Evolutionary conservation of long noncoding RNAs: sequence, structure, function."  Biochim Biophys Acta.  S0304-4165(13)00475-3, PMID: 24184936, 2013

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Designated as a “Highly Accessed article” by BioMed Central.

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