Angela Bustamante

Quick Look

•  Bachelors from Wayne State in Biology with a minor in Chemistry (2010).
•  Currently a third year student.

During my undergrad I took advantage of several research opportunities which deepened my fascination of the sciences. It was during one of my semesters of research that I decided I wanted to further pursue research.  I choose the MBG PhD program because of the supportive atmosphere and the diversity of the research interests of the faculty. The research performed in CMMG covers quite a range. This exposure to a diverse range of research will no doubt allow me to flourish as a scientist. The strong emphasis on research as well as the close connection with the surrounding area is something unique to this program.

Research Interests

Advisor: Dr. Monica Uddin

My current research projects involve investigating the impact of early life events on mental health outcome in participants from a community based cohort through the examination of DNA methylation and gene expression.  It has been well established that a history of childhood maltreatment increases the prevalence of mental illness later in life, however the underlying mechanism contributing to this increased prevalence remains unknown.  My work is aimed at characterizing this mechanism and broadening our knowledge regarding the manifestation of mental illness later in life. 

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