Aya Attia



  • B.Sc. in Pharmaceutical Sciences, Misr International University (MIU), Egypt
  • Currently a second year student in the MGG MS program

I have been devoted to studies ever since childhood. From the beginning, biology was my subject of interest. I believe our role as researchers is to identify the molecular mechanisms by which genetic diseases develop, as well as how to use this data to minimize the risk of occurrence. During my undergraduate studies at faculty of pharmacy in MIU I was exposed to many various courses; yet I developed a deep interest towards molecular biology, which was my reason to work as a Research Assistant in Medical Molecular Genetics Department at the National Research Centre (NRC) of  Egypt . My main Research interest is Human Genetics and Molecular biology. I am engaged in many projects granted from NRC and STDF. So my dream to be specialized in Molecular Biology and Genetics compelled me to go for my master's degree in this field. I won a Fulbright Scholarship to undergo for my master degree in the U.S. The interdisciplinary nature and the high-quality research in the CMMG drew me to choose the MGG MS program. I am confident that the advanced resources and supportive nature of the program will play a key role in widening the horizons of my knowledge and help me attain a milestone in my career.

Advisor: Zhengqing Hu, PhD