Bharath Yoganarasimha

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  • Bachelor of Engineering in Biotechnology, M S Ramaiah Institute of Technology
  • Currently a first year student in the MGG MS program

I graduated from M S Ramaiah Institute of Technology with a Bachelors in Biotechnology. During this time, I did some research work on drug discovery and single nucleotide polymorphisms. My work on SNPs provoked my interest in genetics and the long term impact of personalized genomics on healthcare. I went on to work in a diagnostics lab while continuing my research on SNPs. I joined the MGG masters program at Wayne State University due to the quality of genetics research conducted at the School of Medicine and the wealth of opportunities provided by the multitude of healthcare centers in Detroit. I believe that the combination of conventional and computational genomics will have an important role on healthcare in this post-genomic era and that the MGG program will enable me to hone my skills in this area.